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Dalesbridge History

The Dalesbridge Centre is based on the site of the former Harden Bridge Hospital which was built in the late 1890's as a retreat for those who required the therapeutic effect of this incredible area. These historic buildings maintain much or their original character alongside refurbishments and updated facilities.

In its later life, the old hospital was used as a Convalescing Hospital prior to its closure in 1991. It was bought by the current owner Jon Beavan in 1993 and has been slowly (and lovingly) converted to its current usage by him.

Dalesbridge is an ever evolving site that grows to match the needs of our visitors and guests who also seek the pleasures of 'The Dales'.

Further details of the history of Dalesbridge as Harden Bridge Isolation Hospital can be found in an article by T.H. Foxcroft for the North Craven Heritage Trust. Click Here

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