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Sustainable Management Policy

  • Dalesbridge complies with environmental legislation and we have a commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • Throughout the business we strive to demonstrating good environmental management, including staff awareness, specialist training, monitoring, and record keeping.
  • As a business we to attempt to communicate our green and environmental credentials to our customers and suppliers.
  • We seek efficiency in lighting, heating and all electrical appliances, improved insulation and are working towards renewable energy use for the future.
  • Dalesbridge strives for water efficiency through good maintenance, the increased use of low-consumption appliances and rainwater harvesting.
  • Wherever possible we purchase environmentally friendly goods and services, use and promote local food and drink, as well as utalising local suppliers and trade persons.
  • Waste is minimalised by encouraging, the 'eliminate, reduce, reuse, recycle' principle, e.g. glass, paper, card, plastic and metal recycling; supplier take-back agreements and using dosing systems.
  • We hope to minimise visitor’s car use by promoting local and national public transport services, cycle hire, local walking and cycling options.
  • Dalesbridge’s buildings and grounds are managed to attract and support wildlife, tree planting involves native species and areas of the site are managed specifically for wildlife. Every effort is taken to provide wildlife information to our visitors.
  • Lastly Dalesbridge is committed to continually striving to implement innovative best practices in order to increase the business’s overall sustainability.

GTBS Gold Award

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